Extraordinary transport on the Ketelweg

Papendrecht – September 2017 – On Tuesday 12 September, Topec moved four containerised generator sets. Two from one Topec site on the Ketelweg to the workshop on the other side of the road and two in the other direction. In part due to the size of the crates and the generator sets, the transport generated considerable attention.

On the waterside of the Topec premises, two generator sets, packed in crates, were ready to be delivered to a customer in Kazakhstan. They form part of the order for 13 sets that Topec is building and delivering for use in Area 59 in Kazakhstan, one of the world’s largest onshore oil fields. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was recently successfully executed and both sets will be transported to Kazakhstan this week.

The Kazakhstan sets had to make way for two new sets, commissioned by Bechtel, that will provide emergency power for BP’s land-based installation for its Offshore Raven Field close to the Nile delta and the city of Alexandria in Egypt. These sets were moved from the workshop to the waterside and set up for their FAT, which will be carried out in a few weeks’ time.
The transports represent a successful milestone for both projects. For the Bechtel sets, the transport to the trial location is certainly a major step.

Both the customer in Kazakhstan and of Bechtel are very happy with the way Topec works. Meaning that Topec is well on the way to successfully completing both projects.

Precision and team work
The move of the generator sets attracted considerable attention from the Topec employees and all of those on the Ketelweg at the time. Using special cranes, crates and generator sets were moved one by one on a long SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter).
“It requires great precision,” said Vincent van der Hoek, Project Support Engineer at Topec who was responsible for this combined transport. “When we have to organise such extraordinary transports, we always collaborate with one of the larger crane companies. For this transport, we chose Mammoet, which proved to be a good choice. Effective coordination is crucial to ensure that the one party does not need to wait for the other. The strength of our team lies in how well we work together. Thanks to this team work, the entire operation went quickly and smoothly.”

Curious about the extraordinary transport? See the photos below.



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